Greater Westchester’s Real Estate Investors Association

Welcome to Greater Westchester Real Estate Investors and Property Owners Association which is Westchester’s premier Real Estate Investor’s Club.

GWREIA offers a wide range of very lucrative investment opportunities for real
estate investors.

Investing in real estate is an excellent wealth builder which requires specialized
knowledge. This is where GWREIA plays the role as a premier learning
and support center for real estate investors.

Whether you are a real estate novice or a seasoned market player, GWREIA is your
way to make the most of the investment opportunities.

GWREIA General Meeting
Date: 4th Tuesday each Month
Time: 6:30PM
Location: 1 Radission Plaza, New Rochelle NY 10801

GWREIA Sub-Group: (Various Topics)
Date: 1st Tuesday each Month
Time: 7:00PM
Location: 1 Radission Plaza, New Rochelle NY 10801

Perfect Place for Premium Real Estate Education, Training & Networking

GWREIA is the ideal place to enhance your skills and to start your journey of successful real estate investing. We welcome you to take advantage of our amazing services and benefits that will help you realize your real estate investment goals.

At GWREIA we will
• Conduct investment seminars to give you the EDUCATION AND TRAINING to be successful.
• Help you BUILD YOUR OWN NETWORK of business associates and advisors.
• Give you access to the LATEST REAL ESTATE NEWS though monthly association meetings.
• Give you easy ACCESS TO EXPERTS in all areas of real estate investment.
• Group you with PEOPLE OF SIMILAR INTERESTS in real estate investments.
• Offer the use of an EXTENSIVE LIBRARY of real estate investment information.

The combination of the above services is your best bet on how to enter and/or capitalize on the real estate market potentials. These will benefit you and help you succeed in the exciting as well as profitable area of real estate investing.

Hard Work and Smart Work
If you wish to make it as a successful real estate investor, hard work alone will not be enough. The dynamic world of real estate is exciting and lucrative, but elusive and risky at the same time. The market conditions keep changing and you need to be at the top of the game by not only learning the many different strategies of real estate investment, but also being up dated with the current market environment.

It’s imperative that you prepare yourself with the best education, skills and tools to ensure real estate success by joining GWREIA. Through us you will not only develop the expertise needed to make the profitable investment decisions, but also the confidence and positive mindset that is crucial for sustained success in the real estate market.